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Your customers are telling you what to act on. But you struggle to make sense of all this feedback. Powered by AI, Thematic is the easiest way to discover the best insights in feedback. Act on what matters to your customers and make an impact.

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Quickly find answers in feedback that help you prioritize improvements

Why Thematic

Our award-winning text analytics, powered by AI, help you easily prioritise improvements for customer, product or employee experiences.

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Fast and accurate

Just add feedback. Thematic finds specific actionable themes and organizes them. You can edit and customize. Discover unknown unknowns - automatically.
Text analytics

Clear visual answers

Purpose-built visualizations answer your questions right out of the box. What impacts your metrics, what works, what doesn't, what's new.
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Single view of your customer

Packaged integrations with the systems you already use for surveys, social, contact center etc. Consistent and unified analysis.
Unified data analytics

We're trusted by industry leaders worldwide to improve experiences and drive returns in investment

Less analysis time
26 pts
NPS increase
Reduction support calls
10 pts
NPS increase
Saved in labour
I love the ability to look at themes for different segments at a high level, and then drill down to individual comments.
Miguel Rodriguez
Head of HR Program Management
Without Thematic, I spent heaps of hours working analyzing data. It definitely made my work easy with a professional presentation.
Ronald Sapitula
Insights Manager
We are able to easily differentiate between verbatim themes that are noise (no impact to an overall metric) and those which are seriously impacting our CX metrics.
Michael Sherwood
Head of CX

Trusted by teams worldwide

Thematic has all the tools and integrations you need to quickly turn your text feedback into actionable insight

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For individual researchers & analysts
• Upload 100 to 500 pieces of feedback
• Single dataset or one-off analysis
• Discover & customize themes
• Drill down into themes
• Compare two data segments
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For medium or large businesses
• Custom analysis of one or multiple datasets
• Ability to test full Thematic's functionality
• Personalized, ongoing support from expert team
• Security pre-assessment, access to SOC2
• Connect all feedback through integrations
• Track impact of theme and subthemes on metrics
• Over time tracking for drivers of improvements
• Purpose built and custom reporting
• Assess initiatives for success
• Over 20 additional features

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