About us

Thematic is the fastest and most reliable way to gain deep insights from customer feedback into what drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. We source customer feedback from any channel, analyze it and create insights reports which are easily shared through dashboards, email digests and presentations.
Thematic was founded in 2016, after the founders, Dr. Alyona Medelyan and Nathan Holmberg, realized that companies receive vast amount of feedback, but aren’t able to understand what customers want and what’s driving customer metrics such as NPS and CSAT. Thematic now helps companies across 6 countries and 4 continents understand their customers. Customers include Fortune 500 companies like ManpowerGroup and CBRE, global enterprises such as Vodafone and Air New Zealand, as well as Silicon Valley unicorns like Stripe and DoorDash. Thematic is backed by YCombinator, AirTree, Hoku, and Silicon Valley angel investors.

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Join our fast-growing AI startup on a mission to help companies understand their customers better. We are looking for a range of positions in our offices in the US and New Zealand.

What our employees say

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I’m really excited to work with cutting edge technology and to do so in service of a genuinely useful goal – helping people understand large volumes of feedback so they can improve their own products.
Nigel Warren
User Experience at Thematic, Ex-Kickstarter
Thematic has a positive atmosphere, great tools and provides the chance to be a part of an energetic, successful company.
Sasha Djoulai
R&D at Thematic, ex-Orion Health