Connect, understand and act on feedback

Traditional Experience Management and Feedback solutions tend to focus on one source of feedback. Thematic looks at all your feedback and gives you a single view of your customer. It's like Tableau or PowerBI, but for text feedback!

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Connect all your feedback across channels

When feedback is analyzed in silos, teams miss out on critical insights. Instead, connect unstructured feedback from surveys, reviews, live chat, call center, complaints, support and social media with our one-click integrations.

Then, make it accessible to anyone within the company. Learn more about our unified data analytics capabilities.


Understand your feedback in-depth

Thematic analyzes reviews, chat, surveys and more with no training or manual coding, and accurate themes you can trust. Discover specific issues customers mention with our fast, accurate theme and sentiment extraction engine.

Our proprietary scientific approach, AI-powered Thematic Analysis, captures the meaning in individual phrases, grouping similar phrases into themes - even if they are worded differently.

Clearly identify what to fix and why

Use our analytics suite to identify the root causes of changes in scores, reviews or sentiment. See the big picture and specific pain points with interactive visualizations and dashboards. Filter on region, tenure, call length, score, and other variables you’ve included, finding key segments and ROI. Use workflow automation to close the loop.

Unlock the value of feedback at scale, in one platform.

Connect & Combine

Connect your feedback from online reviews, chat, surveys, and more with one-click integrations. Thematic can automatically redact data, easing the way teams use feedback, in a safe and compliant way.
Unified data analytics

Tag & Theme

Thematic tags feedback for you with themes and sentiment as they emerge, and quantifies repeated themes. Use search tools to discover similar themes and get more insight. Easily modify themes with controls like edit, ignore and merge.
Text & Sentiment analytics

Slice & Dice

Discover top issues with powerful analysis tools. Use filtering controls to segment and refine your results by structured data. Set up alerts for emergent issues and quickly click through to discover exact root causes.
Analysis & reporting

I was blown away. We could easily drill down into themes and look at how they impact NPS score. They saved months of custom analysis.

Robbie Allan
Director of Product at Intercom

Thematic makes it easy to get actionable insight from our data. I really like the way the platform is able to quantify the impact of a particular topic or theme on our customer metrics.

Carlos Ryes
Executive Manager at Smith & Smith

With Thematic, we can walk teams through top issues while showing them specific feedback. We can set up our product roadmap better with clearer information about what people want

Sam Stokes
Director of Customer Experience at Melodics

The results are the best I have seen from any software solution I have tested, by a clear margin.

Dr Maurice FitzGerald
VP of Customer Experience at Hewlett-Packard

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