Give every team an instant understanding of customers with Thematic Answers

Don’t waste hours analyzing customer feedbackdata to address adhoc questions from every team. Type in your question and in seconds you'll get a summary answer with rich detail, verbatims and powerful visualizations.

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Thematic makes me look like a genius.
The insights help executives understand the “why behind the what”, while senior managers use Answers to do their own explorations of what customers are saying. In 2024, a key theme for our company is “customer-obsessed” and Thematic is a major contributor in driving this initiative.
Senior Director of Research.
Mid-sized Global SaaS Company
We love it and we want to use more of it!
The possibilities are endless with Answers and we are excited about it's evolution.
Senior Customer Analyst
Australian Supermarket Group
It's easy to dig into the themes for more detail and get verbatims.
It's amazing.
I get questions all the time from my CEO and leaders, and with Answers, I just type in their question and get a summary answer for the exact question.
Optimal Services Manager
Seeking Health

Your solution to democratize customer insights across the company

Faster Answers

Answers is your biggest ally when time is tight and you need to help business units with ad hoc reporting.

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Answers Made Simple

We've made it easy for everybody to get complex insights simply by typing your question.

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Understanding Answers

A transparent approach makes it easy to understand the context behind the answer and see customer verbatims.

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Watch our CEO, Alyona Medelyan, and VP of Marketing, Alana Dell, will walk you through how this powerful tool can provide you with specific insights in seconds.

See how all your CX, product, operations, and marketing questions can be answered and shared on the spot.

A careful approach to Generative AI

We care about security, privacy and accuracy first and foremost. Thematic relies on many different algorithms and technologies in weaving Generative AI into our own models. We followed rigorous engineering processes to make sure Thematic delivers insights your researchers trust.

Plus we constantly evaluate different elements and providers to get the best of breed LLMs.

Built-in parallel processing & load balancing
Soc 2 Type II and GDPR compliant
PII cleaning

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