Thematic has a 1-click integration with Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an accessible tool that allows companies to collect and organize data across various channels.

Connect your Google Sheets data to Thematic to instantly unearth the key themes driving recommendations and satisfaction, and find what matters amidst the noise.

Why analyze Google Sheets data with Thematic?

Thematic shines when it comes to making sense of your text feedback. You’ll quickly understand and prioritize the key themes, and see emergent trends before they impact your bottom line . It’s the smartest way to leverage feedback for confident, strategic decisions.

Leverage Thematic to analyze your Google Sheets data and gain valuable insights to drive your business forward.

Find out how Thematic collects and analyzes its own feedback with Google Sheets.

Here’s why you’ll want to analyze your Google Sheets data with Thematic

Thematic is dedicated to unlocking deep insights

Thematic is purpose-built to tap into and leverage the key insights in your customer feedback. Text analytics is our main staple. Build the understanding you need, from all the feedback sources you've collected.

Pinpoint customer issues in seconds

Thematic helps you see specific customer issues to address - blazingly fast. With AI analysis that delivers immediate depth of understanding, we’ll show you what matters and why. Pinpoint what to do to reduce churn and improve revenue.

Emerging insights, automatically

Thematic uncovers themes in your dataset automatically, based on what your customers have shared. No data training or building inflexible code frames. See previously unknown themes, and answer specific questions.
Analyzing your Google Sheets data in Thematic means you’ll save time, make better strategic decisions and align your team on priorities. Book a Demo

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Learn how Thematic collects and analyzes its own feedback with Google Sheets

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